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Private Residences


Below is our recent pool rennovation project at a residence in Greece.

The previous pool tiles were completely worn out and grates were broken and damaged.

We undertook the re-tiling of the pool with Greek White Marble Kavalas creating overflow pool with our coping model CP.02.

For the decoration steps of the surroundings we used Aliveri Grey Marble. All our products are slip resistant, offering the highest security standards to our clients.

Damaged Surroundings - Broken Drain Grates - Worn out Pools Tiles

In pool mosaic tiles  were in a terrible condition and was replaced with liner.

We applied Greek marble pool tiles & Products with antislip technology.

Kavala White Marble & Aliveri Grey marble now decorate the overflow pool.

The clean and natural look of the pool is much more inviting and beautiful.

White marble makes a great constrast with the water color.

An oasis in the city!

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